Company Policies

COVID-19 Policy

OW Racing are committed to safe working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the current government guidelines, we also ensure that.

  1. Face masks are worn when working outside of our immediate work bubble. (New clients, event weekends etc.)
  2. Cars, Laptops, Equipment & Tools are wiped down at the start and end of every work day.
  3. Unless being on site is essential, all meetings/conferences will take place via Zoom.
  4. OWR will ensure that all subcontractors have downloaded the UK Gov track & trace app & regularly sign into new locations. 

Quality Policy

OW Racing is committed to this quality policy and is dedicated to provide products/services free of encumbrances, within specified times and agreed financial parameters.

The management undertakes to: 

  1. Develop and improve the Quality Management System.
  2. Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  3. Ensure that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.
  4. Communicate throughout the Organisation the importance of meeting customer needs and legal requirements.
  5. Establish the Quality Policy, its objectives and commitment.
  6. Conduct Management Reviews of the effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality Management System.
  7. Ensure the availability of resources.
  8. This Quality/Environmental Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability.


Customers: To make the satisfaction of customers' needs the primary goal by working with them to identify and satisfy their requirements, now and in the future.

Leadership: To adopt a consistently open, participative leadership style to harness the skills and enthusiasm of the workforce.

Teamwork: It is management's responsibility to lead quality programmes and for involvement of all the Organisation through effective teamworking.

Competition: To aim to provide superior products, delivery and service than its competitors in the markets in which it chooses to compete.

Suppliers: To maintain beneficial relationships with preferred suppliers and thus develop with them closer and stronger ties.

Community: To recognise responsibilities to the communities and environments in which the Organisation serves.

Environmental Policy

OW Racing is totally committed to the care of the environment and this goal is constantly achieved at all levels through the operation of its environmental management system, which is appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of its activities, its products and services.

OW Racing recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating the business responsibly and in compliance with all environmental regulations, legislation and approved codes of practice. It is the Organisation's objective to operate with, and to maintain, good relations with all regulatory bodies.

"In all of our activities, we will continuously work towards reducing our impact on the environment"

It is the Organisation's declared policy to carry out all environmentally desirable requirements and to continually improve environmental performance, through the implementation of the following:

  • Assess and regularly re-assess the environmental effects of the Organisation’s activities.
  • Minimise the production of waste.
  • Minimise material wastage.
  • Minimise energy wastage.
  • Promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials.
  • Reduce and/or limit the production of pollutants to water, land and air.
  • Control noise emissions from operations.
  • Minimise to an absolute minimum the risk to the general public and employees from operations and activities undertaken by the Organisation.
  • Educate others about sustainable manufacturing and electric mobility.